Dross Evolution

A collection of works created from the factory floor waste of Newbridge Silverware

A Wondrous Journey

Save Our Sea

 Silent Ice No More

Think K.o.o.l (Keep it Out Of Landfill)

An exhibition created for Medtronic using its factory floor waste to encourage recycling


My piece created for the "Stay With Me" group exhibition in Inspire Gallery,which paid tribute to the 796 babies found in a septic tank in a mother and baby home in Tuam

Every childs name and age is recorded on the piece

Butterfly Effect

Commissioned by Innocent Ireland for the Altogether Now Festival to create awareness that even a small action can have a huge effect in recycling. The piece is made from recycled tents, plastic bottles and foil and every ribbon has a signed recycling pledge from the festival goers.  The piece now resides in the secret garden at Barretstown.

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